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The equity market is where shares are issued and traded, either through exchanges or Over the Counter (OTC) markets. It serves as the central hub where buyers and sellers come together to engage in transactions involving stocks. Securities traded in the equity market can include publicly listed stocks, available on stock exchanges, as well as privately traded stocks.

In the equity market, investors express their interest in purchasing stocks by offering a specific price, while sellers indicate the price at which they are willing to sell. When these two prices align, a sale takes place. Often, multiple investors are bidding for the same stock, and in such cases, the first investor to place a bid secures the stock.

DGCX futures contracts for equities are cleared through the Dubai Commodity Clearing Corporation (DCCC). This clearing process ensures the elimination of counterparty credit risk and guarantees settlement for each transaction. DGCX offers trading opportunities for a range of equities included in the provided list.