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The price movements of hydrocarbons are influenced by a wide range of events, from international political developments to simple supply and demand factors. This inherent uncertainty creates market volatility and, consequently, trading opportunities for investors.

Energy commodities, unlike other commodities such as sugar and wheat, are non-renewable. The extraction and production of these commodities from the ground incur significant costs, making them more expensive to source. Each unit of energy commodity requires substantial investments in exploration, development, and bringing it to the market.

Given the increasing macro environment concerns, various factors such as uncertainties in the Middle East, pipeline leaks, refinery fires in the north-sea, or rising demand in Asia can significantly impact the price movements of energy derivatives. These events have the potential to drive price fluctuations across all energy product derivatives.

DGCX futures contracts for energy commodities are cleared through the Dubai Commodity Clearing Corporation (DCCC). This clearing process eliminates counterparty credit risk and ensures guaranteed settlement for every transaction. DGCX offers trading opportunities in three futures contracts for energy commodities, providing investors with a platform to participate in this market.