Market Hours

Experience the global reach of the DGCX market with its extensive trading hours. Trading activities start at 07:00 hours and conclude at 23:55 hours, Dubai time (GMT+4).
InstrumentPrice Band ^Max Order Size for Banks & Institutions Promoted by BanksMax Order Size for all other entitiesTrading Hours *Trading Hours on LTD *
Gold30 USD2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Gold Quanto900 USD2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Spot Gold30 USD2002000700 – 2000 hrs
Silver0.75 USD2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Rupee1.5 US cents2005000700 – 2355 hrs0700 – 1130 hrs
Rupee Mini1.5 US cents2,0005,0000700 – 2355 hrs0700 – 1130 hrs
Rupee Options5 USD2005000700 – 2355 hrs0700 – 1130 hrs
Rupee Quanto1 USD1,0002,5000700 – 2355 hrs0700 – 1130 hrs
Euro1.5 US cents2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Pound1.5 US cents2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Yen1.5 US cents2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Australian Dollar1.5 US cents2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Canadian Dollar1.5 US cents2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Swiss Francs1.5 US cents2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Chinese Yuan0.10 CNH2005000700 – 2355 hrs
South African Rand0.40 ZAR2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Indian SSF5 percent1,0001,0000700 – 2355 hrs0700 – 1400 hrs
USA SSF5 percent1,0001,0000700 – 2355 hrs
Copper150 USD2005000700 – 2355 hrs
Brent Crude Oil3 USD2005000700 – 2355 hrs
WTI Crude Oil3 USD2005000700 – 2355 hrs
WTI Crude Oil Mini3 USD2,0005,0000700 – 2355 hrs


Enhanced Price Safety Measures

To prevent inadvertent errors and ensure stability, our exchange implements effective price bands based on the previous settlement price. These price bands provide an additional layer of protection and flexibility for trading.

Trading Hours in Dubai Time

During regular trading days, our trading hours remain unchanged, providing ample opportunities to engage in the market. Trading commences at 07:00 hours Dubai Time and concludes at 23:55 hours Dubai Time. However, please note that on the Last Trading Day (LTD), trading in futures and option contracts may be halted at a specified time, if explicitly mentioned.

Please note that the above text has been rephrased to suit your new website and highlight the effective price bands and trading hours. Adjustments can be made according to your specific requirements.