Precious Metals




Precious Metals

Metals have long been a favored investment option for many investors. The metal market is highly liquid and can be influenced by various factors, including political and economic events. During times of uncertainty, precious metals have proven to be a safer alternative for investors due to their resilience against economic pressures and downturns.

Both gold and silver present intriguing trading opportunities, depending on the chosen pair. Precious metals futures contracts are legally binding agreements for the future delivery of gold or silver at a predetermined price. These contracts are standardized by futures exchanges in terms of quantity, quality, and the time and place of delivery. The only variable in these contracts is the price.

Gold Futures not only serve as a hedging tool for commercial producers and users of gold, but they also provide ongoing trading opportunities. The price of gold responds swiftly to political and economic events, making it an attractive investment option. Gold futures act as an alternative to investing in physical gold bullion or coins.

The Gold futures contract was the first contract introduced on the DGCX platform in 2005 and has since traded more than 5.4 million lots. DGCX offers trading in these six futures contracts, with remarkably low Initial Margin Requirements. All trades are cleared through the Dubai Commodity Clearing Corporation (DCCC), ensuring a secure and reliable clearing process.